Calgary to Halcyon to Kamloops

I’ve been enjoying our accomodations too much the last few nights to post! I’m way behind on trip-logging. We are firmly back in BC, and just left our friend J’s home in Kamloops after a night of playoff hockey, dog-wrestling, and catching up. The Dahg is exhausted from all the playing with J’s dog. They are the best of friends now.

We stayed in Calgary with the Hubby’s childhood friend S. she has two cats, so the Dahg was really happy to stay there. S’s sister M brought over her 2-week-old daughter, and was nice enough to let us monopolized baby-cuddling time. She was too cute, and so calm and sweet!


Our friend CG had recommended a place for us to stay outside Revelstoke called Halcyon Hot Springs. We were looking for a nice relaxing place to stay after so much time in the road. We were particularly looking for somewhere with a pool/hot tub since my back was getting into bad shape. Halcyon sounded better than anything else we looked at in Revelstoke.

I assumed it was in Revelstoke or just outside, and didn’t look at the “how to get here” on their website because we have a GPS. So an hour into the Rockies, away from any cell phone service, I look at the GPS directions and see “Take the ferry at Shelter Bay”. I wanted to kill CG, because my experience with ferries to Vancouver Island lead me to assume they will always be late, long, and expensive. Luckily (for CG), the ferry across Arrow Lake was punctual, short, and free. It was also situated in about the most beautiful location: a giant glacier lake in the middle of the Rockies. The sun was just starting to drop behind one of the peaks, and was glistening off the water with that beautiful early evening light. I seriously think that Arrow Lake is what heaven must look like. It was a fantastic introduction back to BC. So thanks to CG for the tip, and especially for failing to mention the way to get there, because we totally would have missed out on a beautiful place that guidebooks don’t tell you about!

The resort at Halcyon was also great. We got an evening and a morning swim in the hot pools, and the food at the Kingfisher Restaurant was delicious (they easily accommodated my GF diet). Our little cabin was great, but the bed was really high, so the Dahg had trouble getting off and on. This was only a problem after we had gone to sleep, when he suddenly decided he wanted off and nervously paced. The Hubby lifted him off, but the Dahg was clearly conflicted about leaving the bed, because he sulked and glared until he jumped back up an hour later, and stayed for the rest of the night.

The next day we drove to Kamloops. The Trans-Canada between Revelstoke and Kamloops is a really fun road that snakes through the end of the Rockies and then along Shuswap Lake and into the Okanagan region. It’s really fun to watch the ecosystems change so slightly, and the road itself is fast but not too fast with perfect lazy curves. It was a huge treat after boring Prairie roads and nerve-wracking Rocky Mountain passes!

I remember coming through Kamloops last time and thinking it was kind of a dumpy town, really brown and not very impressive. It is amazing what 6 months in the flats of Central Canada will do for your perspective. Kamloops was amazing! There are these amazing hillsides surrounding a canyon that looked to be intentionally carved out of the earth. J lives up on one of the hillsides, and the way it drops off quickly makes the hillsides in the distance look like they are green-screened in. I don’t think it will ever look as beautiful again, because I’m bound to get a little desensitized to awesome mountainous scenery. But I am determined to not take it for granted again. BC really is one of the most spectacular places in Canada, in North America, probably in the world. I intend to enjoy it a bit more in future!

On that note, I leave you with gratuitous pictures from the ferry “terminal” on Arrow Lake. Next stop, Vancouver!!






Any thoughts?

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