New Home, New West

And we’re back!

I’ve been off the radar for the last month, resettling ourselves in Lower Mainland. I’ve been on the job hunt a bit, finding some temp work, and searching for a new place to call home. This one, luckily, should be our home for quite some time.

Which is the big piece of news. We’re venturing out of our 5-years-familiar East Vancouver niche and have rented a place in the Sapperton area of New Westminster. We’re near a Skytrain, but we’re practically Coquitlam, so it will be a big change for us.

I’ve never expected myself to move away from the city into the ‘burbs. I swore I’d never do it. We had a very detailed discussion about it on the trip home, and we realized the thing we valued in the city was the walkability (locally-run shops and restaurants nearby), the sense of community, and easy transit to other places. So in looking for a new place, those things were our criteria, not so much it being in Vancouver.

Our new home has a independent coffee shop, sushi restaurant, Thai restaurant, and a few other restaurants and shops to poke into. New West is a small suburb, and the sense of community feels strong there. The mayor is really pushing density programs, heritage programs, and is trying to foster arts and culture. There are also 5 Skytrain stops, so it is very transit-accessible. To add to that, we are walking distance from Hume Park, near Burnaby Lake, and near to the revitalized river front. And the apartment is big and recently renovated.

We get our keys on Thursday night, and will move our stuff in at a medium pace, which means it will be out of storage by the 14th. I am so excited to have a long-term home!


3 Comments to “New Home, New West”

  1. I’m really really going to miss your culinary skills! And of course the company of the three of you…

  2. Oh my god to read you write about Hume Park…..WD you have no idea how many HOURS I spend playing in that park as a kid! We used to have a day trip from my elementary school in the area to Hume Park once a year to go to the outdoor swimming pool….

    The area is great and I can’t wait to see your cool looking kitchen in person!

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