5 Things For: Organization

Programming note: I’m introducing a new regular feature I’m calling “5 Things For”. It will be products and links that are unified by one theme. I’ve been inspired lately to organize my new home, and here are some things I have found helpful!

1. The All Out Of Pad by Knock Knock Stuff. It makes your grocery list for you! Love it!

2. Boogie Board Rip by ThinkGeek. An LCD writing tablet that clips to your fridge. I have the original Boogie Board, but this one has a much-needed “save” feature.

3. OXO POP Containers. These are perfect for storing all my various foodstuffs, especially my flours. It also works well for rice, coffee, and dried pasta.

4. Pot Lid Organizer from Fresh Finds. Pot lids are the bane of my kitchen organizing existence. This seems like a pretty good solution.

5. Knodd Bin from Ikea. I plan on getting one of these to serve as a laundry bin for cleaning rags and dishtowels, to keep them separate from our clothing. They could also be used for wastebaskets, umbrellas, or cleaning supplies. I love the yellow and aqua colors!


2 Comments to “5 Things For: Organization”

  1. Great list! I have #1 and let me tell you, it is great. I also love The OXO POP Containers and Knodd Bin – very very nice.

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