Cabin Weekend

Cabin Weekend

Jigsaw chunky sweater
$155 –

Angie tribal top

BDG button down shirt

Theyskens’ theory wide leg jeans
$385 –

Current/Elliott boyfriend jeans
$225 –

Helmut Lang elastic waist pants
$200 –

Going to the family cabin for Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend! I am so excited. Thanksgiving and good family times are all well and good, but what I’m most excited about is crisp beautiful fall weather! It has been getting colder in our temperate region, so I’m hopeful that the weather in the Cariboo will be crisp and bright with everything tinted with gold and mustard and bronze.  The above was me playing around on Polyvore, working out what I’m going to pack for a cozy weekend of sitting by the fire, chopping lots of wood, and cooking up a feast for the holiday. This weekend can’t get here fast enough!

4 Comments to “Cabin Weekend”

  1. And now I want that cream sweater….thanks WD

  2. If you wore any of those pretty things to the cabin they just might get dirty! We have some work to do! Can’t wait either!
    Got a nice lumberjack shirt?

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