Trout Lake Fun

One of the best things about living on Commercial Drive is the proximity to Trout Lake. It’s perfect for feeling a bit tucked away from the busy city. From our house, it’s a pleasant little walk, mostly along the Central Valley Greenway. We had my baby shower there, and we will have B’s birthday party there.

B is just barely old enough for playgrounds, so we’ve just begun to explore the local parks to find our favorites. So far, even though we live very near a smaller, less crowded park, I like the experience of Trout Lake much better. There’s a little beach, two playgrounds (one with a very baby-friendly area), ample grassy sections, and there is always something going on to stop and watch.

We made a trip there a few weeks ago when it was super sunny out. I love being able to get out in the sunshine, but I wish B would tolerate a hat! He always looks a bit disheveled when he’s slathered in sunscreen!


Enjoying a swing at the Eastside Playground


Contemplating at the beach


B thinks wheels are the coolest right now.


The mud pit at the Westside Playground was the greatest, but marked the end of our visit!


Any thoughts?

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