Field Trip Fridays

We’ve been changing to a new schedule around here. I’m back in school four days a week, and B has a combination of days in daycare and with his Nana. It’s been a relatively smooth – only a few clingy evenings and I’m hopeful we’re getting through the restless nights soon!

I’m happy to be back in school – mat leave was great, but it’s nice to have some balance and external structure to my days. And I’m liking being a student – I was too restless in my 20s to be able to study, but I feel very happy to spend evenings with my textbook these days.

The best part about this new schedule, though, is that B and I still have Fridays together! I’ve signed us up for a morning class to keep us a bit on routine, and hopefully we’ll get some good afternoon outings in after that. Especially now that I have the student all-zone transit pass!


This week we went to check out the Aquarium. They’ve reopened after a big remodel, and it looks great! With the teacher’s strike still ongoing, it was way more crowded than I was hoping for. I wasn’t able to let B test his walking out as much as I was hoping because he nearly got run over by kids camp after kids camp. But we still had a good time. The jellyfish are still by far his favorite!


Any thoughts?

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