Favorite Hikes – Baby-Carrying Edition

B and I spent our first year together getting out in the woods more than I have before. I find the woods calming – the air is clear, and you can get good exercise while not feeling like it’s a slog. We definitely found some favorites. Here are some of our recommendations:

Buntzen Lake – Best with Dogs


I loved the Buntzen Lake hike we did this winter. It was foggy and moody by the lake, and the trail has nice short rolling inclines and descents. It’s long enough that energetic pooches will get worn out, but easy for those just looking for a low impact jaunt out of doors. Plus there are so many pooches, your furry family member is bound to make a friend or two!

Eagle Bluffs – Best Workout


This is definitely not for the faint of heart, but it is well worth the work! The start of the hike is a steep ascent for 45 minutes. It levels out at the top, but is also a fairly long distance. Once you get to your destination, the view is one of the most spectacular. You can see pretty much the entire Lower Mainland, from the Gulf Islands to the Fraser Valley to Semiahmoo Bay. You’ll definitely feel like Supermom after this one!

Nairn Falls – Best Getaway


Nairn Falls in Pemberton is a good little hike if you feel like a scenic road trip. It’s a pretty short hike, but the river is lovely, and the waterfall is pretty majestic. The drive from Vancouver to Pemberton is so beautiful, the 3 hours pass by in no time. We were nursing Colds when we did this hike, so if you wanted more time in the woods, I’d pair it with Shadow Lake.

Capilano River – Best for Multi-Level


I know I just wrote about it, but I’m still impressed with how much this hike offered for all ages and levels. You never go too long without a good viewpoint. The fish ladder at the Hatchery is lots of entertainment for young kids. And you still get some workout in with a few good hills.

Lighthouse Park – Best Quickie


If you only have a short time for a hike, Lighthouse Park is the way to go. The drive out showcases some neat West Van mansions. The hike down to the Point Atkinson Lighthouse is quite short, and has a good area for little to romp around. Personally, I prefer the Juniper Point Trail, which has a wonderful view up Howe Sound. Bonus – there are some rock climbing routes here if your kids are old enough to mind the edge (definitely not safe for toddlers!)

Those were some of the standouts from the hikes we did this year. Winter brings snowshoe season, so I’m hoping the weather will allow for some more good outdoor adventures in the months to come!


Any thoughts?

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