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November 11, 2011

Ikea hate!


This week was a time vacuum! I had every intention of doing neat things and writing more, but between grocery shopping, unpacking, some real work, and waiting for the Internet Gods to show up, the week got away from me. Oh, also Ikea. It was not just one night sacrificed to the big blue box, but two. So exhausting!
No matter how many times I tell myself I’ll never go back, I’ll just thrift store and Craigslist it all, it’s just a waste of money, etc, I always end up back there. It’s just cheap enough, and necessary when you just want your bed off the floor.
We went to get a bed, because all the beds on Craigslist and Kijiji were actually more expensive than one from Ikea. We went Monday night, expecting to set the bed up when we got home. We left at 6:00, arrived at 6:30 (Montreal traffic!) and set to wandering the showroom, deciding on a bed (the Lillesand), picking out some other things, having dinner, then heading to the warehouse. Then something happened that I have never seen at an Ikea.
They were out of stock of the Lillesand.
I was so choked. I really liked this bed, and in my mind, it was far more stylish and less “Ikea-looking” than the other beds, but was still a good price. Rather than be deterred, I decided I wanted to go to the Ikea in Boucherville (east of Montreal, just over the river). According the the Ikea website, the bed was stocked there.
Fine, another night at Ikea. We started late, left at around 6:15 for what was supposed to be a quick 30 minute drive. Our GPS decided to take us on a “shortest technical distance” detour, which ended up making the trip take an hour. Then we got lost in the showroom, and had difficulty finding some things we’d forgotten to get the night before. We went down to pick up our bed, and GTFO.
Boucherville was also out of stock of the Lillesand. Fine, back-up bed it is. But we had to navigate the warehouse database in French, and French + Ikea-language is really complicated when you are exhausted and disoriented. Plus we had to find a work-around to our lack of box spring. Ikea has an easy solution, but they don’t advertise it, and it cost $50 for pine slats attached with muslin strips. Sigh. We decided to get the bed and to not get the bed, returned the parts and hunted down the parts, tried to see if we could get the Lillesand headboard with the back-up bed’s side slats, decided we couldn’t do that, pouted (me) and measured everything possible (Hubby), and finally made it through the check out at 8:20. The trip to Boucherville also paid off, because the bed was cheaper there than at the Montreal store (wha?!).
We then rewarded ourselves with hotdogs for dinner.
I have since discovered that we didn’t account for a few things that Ikea could be helpful with (curtains since apparently we’re west-facing, spice rack, hooks, etc) but I will be damned if I set foot in Ikea again.
For at least 6 months.
In other news, my kitchen is about 90% unpacked, and I intend to get back to homemade, gluten-free deliciousness in the coming days. So look forward to that! I am cooking up some of my white-bean chili at this exact moment! Yum!

November 7, 2011

Operation Paint: Completed!

Our first week in Montreal is complete, and we have a fully painted apartment to show for it! We also have boxes of chaos, a fridge still in the living room, and a construction zone ambiance hanging around! All while both battling scratchy throats and stuffy noses from the dander from the previous tenant’s cat!

I’ll continue to post pictures as the place comes together, and a walk-through tour once we’re all unpacked, but I thought I’d post a few updates for those wondering how painting turned out.

Painting is always an adventure. You pick a colour, and it inevitably turns out different than you expected. Some people painstakingly test colours to make sure the one they choose is right. But I’m a risk-taker, and part of the fun in DIY decorating is not always being 100% sure of the end product.

That being said, I am so happy with how the paint colours have turned out.  Here are some photos of our home-in-progress. Remember, you’ve been forewarned about the tornado-on-a-construction-site ambiance!

Just focus on the walls, not our other crap 🙂

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October 31, 2011

Plans for Home

It’s official – I am burnt out on traveling.  I am more than ready to settle down into our new home and start building our nest (and job and life of course, but nest as well!). After leaving the C Family, particularly the adorable Miss E, I am so very very ready to start integrating into Montreal.

This is f***ing brilliant.

We’re in Quebec City (typically just referred to as Quebec) for the night, in a nice, cheap little motel that seems all the quainter because it has two rooms separated by french-sliding doors.  The Dahg is thrilled because he has a bed of his own tonight. The Hubby and I are thrilled because it’s the first motel that hasn’t charged a pet fee! We had dinner at a nice little Lebanese takeout place – I braved the merguez agneu, which is a lamb sausage.  I’m generally not a huge sausage fan, but I took a risk – I ordered the meal knowing “agneau” was “lamb”, and that I liked lamb.  I thought it was going to be some sort of kabob or shank, but alas – sausage.  In the end it was pretty good, and I haven’t gotten the grease-stomach sausage usually gives me, which to me indicates a certain increase in quality, non? The pita was a little tough, but the rice and potatoes were pretty good for fast-food-Lebanese.

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