Nick and I have been together since January 2006. We’ve been living together since January 2007. We got a dog in July 2007. Then we sat back and got comfortable for awhile. We got married in July 2011, in a wonderful pirate-themed wedding with 180 friends and family. It was an amazing event, but I must say, I much prefer being a wife to being a bride!

Nick works in the field of civil engineering, designing scaffolds and working up to buildings, and catching sweet views of the city from atop temporary towers and not-yet-complete skyscrapers.

In his spare time, he enjoys rock-climbing, biking, and is learning to play the violin. He DIY’s as much as he can, which most of the time pays off, but tends to lead to a bit of clutter with tools, bolts, lengths of wire, and planks of wood strewn around the house. Lately his DIY energy has all gone into beer-brewing. He’s working up to making me a gluten-free beer one day.

I love him, I love living with him, and he’s the person I always thought I wasn’t lucky enough to find! He’s an amazing partner and dad to B and Ger.


Any thoughts?

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