Ger was born on May 19, 2007, and became a member of our family on July 4, 2007. He was wee! He has grown up into a slightly crazy, very social, extremely lovable full sized…well, still puppy.

Ger has two best buddies, Piggie (a stuffed squeeky pig he’s had since puppyhood) and Thumper (a stuffed deer we bought from a homeless man he had taken a shining to in our old neighbourhood). Third in line for best buddyhood is Squeeky Squirrel, who, in the heat of an argument, lost his squeeker out his bum. Ger’s dog-buddies include any dog that crosses his path, including really angry looking ones. He does not understand that all dogs don’t want to play.

Ger’s favourite foods include yogurt, almonds, and pickled ginger. His favourite hobbies are howling, going for runs, and sleeping on the couch. He is not trustworthy off leash, since his other favourite game is “chase me”, and because any animal or human he sees is his instant best friend, even if there happens to be a road in the way.


Any thoughts?

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