Road Trip: Long Beach, WA


We took B on our annual trip to Long Beach, WA for the first time a few weeks ago. My family runs a charity golf tournament to benefit St. Judges Children’s Hospital. Usually, we drive to Seattle Friday evening, Long Beach early Saturday morning, play golf, hop in the car and drive back to Seattle, and then head home from there on Sunday. But now that B is along for the trips, we’ve decided to start spending more time in Long Beach itself.

My grandma used to take us to Long Beach when we visited her in the summer. It’s a sleepy beach town, with good candy shops, ice cream, and a bit of a run down carnival atmosphere. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of it in the years to come.


We mostly spent our time exploring the beach, as it was sunny and unseasonably hot. B hadn’t yet played in the ocean, and he was not a fan of the waves. There were a few terrified shrieks in there!

We also got chowder at Captain Bob’s Chowder House. I highly recommend it – we tried both the salmon chowder and the traditional claim chowder.


I’m already excited for next year. There were some more restaurants I’m keen to test out, and next year B will be old enough to appreciate some of the rides!


Any thoughts?

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